Saturday, May 15, 2010

More About Fruits and Vegetables

Today, I ate what was possibly the best grapefruit I've ever had before. Wyatt was in complete agreement:

eating grapefruit
It was ugly on the outside, but when we cut into it, wow, the aroma was amazing. It only got better when we started eating it.

I bought this grapefruit from a Bahamian couple who sells fresh fruits and vegetables from their truck outside the base every Friday evening. We happened upon this discovery about a month ago, and it's a total lifesaver. Not only are they actually grown here on the island, but we can get things from them that we can't typically find in the store. Like baby bananas, which they were selling several weeks ago:

baby bananas
I don't really know what the real name for them is, but the boys called them that and it fits. They were pretty good, and I keep hoping he'll have more.

I also bought some interesting looking sweet potatoes. I'm excited to cut into them, although I know I'm the only one that will likely eat them. Sadly, my family doesn't seem to share my love of seafood and sweet potatoes. On the plus side, it means I won't have to share.

 sweet potatoes

But, back to the grapefruit. I was pretty much done picking out my vegetables. I grabbed the grapefruit to make it an even dollar amount, which is why I walked off with only the one. I'm regretting that decision, though. Oliver is on watch this evening, so he missed out. Hopefully they have more next week. I think we'll pick up a half dozen!

P.S. I never really thought I'd spend so much time talking about fruits and vegetables while living here. This is why I love moving around so much; you never know what you're going to find when you get there, and living somewhere is so much more interesting than just visiting it.

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Carrie Stuart said...

Living new places is very interesting...and there are always trade-offs.

The sweet potatoes here are purple. Deep purple...all the way through. They are yummy, but very sticky.