Saturday, December 29, 2007

About those Navy Wives...

I had a conversation with another wife on the boat yesterday that got me thinking - and a little annoyed. She mentioned how her husband had warned her about Navy wives when they were first married, and as a consequence, she didn't socialize much with the other wives. I laughed at first, and knew what she was talking about (although my husband, while repeating the stereotypes, hasn't cared if I socialized at all with them). Now, however, I'm annoyed at it all. There is a definite stereotype: Navy wives are fat, catty, gossipy, and unfaithful. (I suspect this is true for other services, too, as I've heard similar stories from other military wives.) I'm not irritated so much about the stereotypes as I am about the guys who perpetuate them and warn their wives not to get to know anyone else because of them. These are, after all, the same guys we were warned not to date or marry from our civilian friends because of all the things they "knew" about Navy guys. Stereotypes always have an element of truth to them, and I can't say I've never met anyone who fit the bill, but in my four and a half years of being a Navy wife, almost no one I've been friends with has. We are just like other people; we just chose to marry a guy with a weird work schedule. So, the next time your husband says something like that to you, don't believe it! If you take a chance and get to know the other wives around you, you'll discover what I did: that we have a really unique, amazing, instant bond that most civilian wives will not get the privilege of enjoying. And when the boat deploys, it's this bond, more than any other, that has always gotten me through it. It's not the people who still have husbands at home that I want to spent time with when he's gone; it's someone who is in my shoes, someone that needs the same emotional support and can trade off babysitting or meal cooking, or just wants to sit and talk about stuff. Navy wives are a pretty amazing bunch, if you just give them a chance.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Emergency Blow

I found this video of a submarine's emergency blow. Oliver's boat has done this while he was out (not for a real emergency - just testing it).

Friday, November 30, 2007

Finding Names for Us

Well, after much thought, I've decided I should probably use actual names for us because it's hard to avoid doing that. However, I'm just going to pick some fake names as I'm very uncomfortable using our real ones on the internet like this. Also, you won't find me using the name of my husband's boat, or much other indentifying information about his schedule or other such things. This is partly because I am careful about how much people know about us, and partly because we live with OPSEC rules. To give too much information is to risk the safety of both my husband and those he works with. That is something I absolutely will not do, so here are our fake names: Me: Ana My husband: Oliver Our 3 year old: Wyatt The baby: Oscar I am still trying to decide if I'll share the site with my friends, and probably I will eventually, but I still feel silly even writing a blog...