Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Couple Things...And I Hate Our ISP

Well, in the ten minutes remaining that I have to look at blogs, I am madly typing out this post. Apparently, they have decided to block blogs and personal websites for anyone using the internet on base. As if we had a choice. I'm allotted 60 minutes for these types of sites. I've gotten used to being blocked from using certain sites because we have an international IP address, but actually being blocked from stuff like this because the IT department is trigger happy annoys me. I get why they would block it at work (and they have a different, more secure internet there), but why for us at home?

I guess I have now been given an artificial kick-off time, or at least will be forced to use another computer to get my next 60 minutes of time. Good thing Oliver doesn't care about blogs. It's also a good thing not all blogs get blocked, although I don't have any idea why this is, as it doesn't even treat all blogspot blogs the same. Sigh.

On to other things. I recently finished these:


Before you get too excited, no, Oliver didn't move into the officer corps. He did, however, leak the fact that I sew on all his patches, so a Lt. asked him if I would do it for him. He then dumped a bag full of uniform parts on his desk to take home. I did make twenty bucks for about an hour's worth of work, so that was nice.

And tonight, we had pizza. With peppers and onions on top. Guess where I got this beauty?


Yep, I grew it, and there are about 6 or so more nearly the same size. I'm waiting for some of them to turn red. It takes a lot longer than you'd think. On a sadder note, I think the squash is about to fail. I picked some caterpillars off the two fruit that were left on it. I've gotten three nice summer squashes, but if these caterpillars are what I think they are, I have no recourse and will most likely lose the plant. Luckily, they don't like peppers or tomatoes, which are planted right next to the squash, so hopefully it won't be a spreading problem.

Ok, time to click post before my time is up!

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Carrie Stuart said...

That really stinks! Who do they think they are?!

I'm totally jealous of your pepper! I only grow herbs and flowers...but I've branched out to tomatoes the first time in a long time this year. Hopefully this attempt will be more successful than my past ones!