Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meeting the Neighbors, and Yard Long Beans

Yesterday, I was outside with the boys planting seeds. One of our neighbors, that we had yet to meet formally, came out of her house. Wyatt started yelling excitedly, telling her what we were planting that morning. I went over to talk with her, eager to ask her about her gardening. She's lived here for two years, and had a lot of things growing around their trailer.

My favorite by far were the two pineapples she has growing outside their front door. Because we are basically living on a huge chunk of coral rock, her husband borrowed a jackhammer to make holes in the ground for them. She then filled them with dirt and planted the pineapples.

I'm glad we finally had a chance to meet. She doesn't have any young kids at home, but isn't working because she's yet to get the right papers to do so here. She seemed to really enjoy the kids, and acquiesced to every demand they made, including looking into their shed, going into the house (which she proclaimed a mess and I had to roll my eyes at because her idea of a mess and mine are clearly not the same), playing a game of chess according to Wyatt's rules, and allowing them to climb up into their truck. Needless to say, they are quite fond of her now. We plan on going out to the beach together one of these days.

When we finally left, she had given me a couple things from her planting efforts, including the Yard Long beans in the following pic:

mile long beans

When I brought them home, Oliver took one look at them and said he wasn't eating them. In his defense, he's not that much of a green bean eater, so I kind of expected his reaction. We ate them that night mixed with some corn, and I really liked them. Wyatt gave me all of his, and I'm not sure if Oscar ate more than a couple, so maybe I was alone in this, but I'd totally be happy to get some more some time.

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DerrK said...

That's awesome! Yeah for fun neighbors and new friends! And I really enjoy reading about your gardening and news about fruits and veggies. Very interesting.