Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coming Soon: Land Crabs

I have pics and even a video, something I typically avoid on the blog. However, these things look so much better in action. Hopefully, it won't take me the rest of the week to sit down and  upload it all. We shall see...

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The Mom said...

Okay so I will admit, I am stalking your blog now. I want to know where you have gone and what you have done. I miss that place so much. I have been reading about your adventures for the past few hours.

You have to, if you haven't done so already.. go to Morgans Bluff, The Regatta (there is a good bit of drinking there, sadly it seems that its almost everywhere on the island), Crab hunting, the Andros fabric factory (they dye fabric and you can go and watch them do it, its near the yacht club), the light house, out to eat at Hanks, find a friend with a boat and go out for starfish and sand dollars and lobster (my father is down visiting some friends right now and he said that this year has been a wonderful season!), sunset beach (you can go walking down that beach and find millions of sand dollars)...well that is just to name a few places. =]

If you need directions to any of those just let me know. I sure do miss that place. But I am off to bed and I am going to pick up from the land crabs tomorrow morning! ...sorry for stalking you, I really do hope you are enjoying the island! =]