Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brotherly Love and Reading

This evening, Wyatt and Oscar disappeared on us after dinner. I knew they'd gone to their bedroom, but things were strangely quiet. I debated whether or not I was going to go check on them because silence is not typically a good thing, but before I could make the decision, they came galloping down the hall to the living room. Oscar jumped into my lap and told me, "Wyatt was reading!"

I looked up to see my oldest carrying one of his new reading books with a big grin on his face. It turns out, the reason they were  being so quiet in there was because Wyatt was reading his book to Oscar. Talk about melting my heart!

Wyatt told me, "This book is too easy. You need to buy some new ones." He does have some harder ones he isn't reading without help, but when he's done with them, he'll be getting his wish for sure.

reading to brother

As a side note, his harder books are all rated "1", too, but it seems there is no real level of easiness when it comes to these reading books, which is annoying. You have to read them to see if they are actually going to be within your kid's reach. This makes it hard to order them online, which we are mostly stuck doing.

Oh, and my kids really are that tan right now. They are kind of camouflaged into our couch in this pic. Their Spanish heritage is coming out with all this sunshine. Oscar's hair is another interesting result of living here. It was never this curly in Washington, but the humidity has turned it into this adorable mop. He hates having his hair cut, and lucky for him, I'm totally fine with this look.

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Peggy said...

Just some FYI that maybe you already know but there are several different systems for leveling books. If you shop Scholastic, you'll see DRA (honestly don't know what this stands for), GR (guided reading), AR (accelerated reader), and a couple other leveling tools listed under some of their books. These are all used in schools to group students for small reading groups. When I taught in UT we used guided reading levels but Steven's school uses DRA. Unfortunately, they don't match up exactly so a level 1 for DRA might be a 4 for GR, etc. There's no way around it! Best of luck and keep up the great work!

Peggy said...

P.S. They are SO cute! I LOVE the curls. They look like little island boys.