Thursday, February 25, 2010

Irony Is...

I finally decided to get around to putting together the water storage containers I bought a few months back. They are basically heavy duty boxes with a water bag and spout that fits inside. Each one holds five gallons, and we have five of them. That's pretty much all I think I can find space for around here.

After I got done filling them, Oliver came home from work and told me one of the pumps was out at the water plant. They won't be getting parts until sometime next week, so they are operating at 50% capacity and would appreciate it if we would all  be mindful of our water usage.

Then, after dinner, someone knocked on our door to let him know there was a construction accident that resulted in a leaking pipe. Bad timing for that. He's standing CDO today, so he had to go down there and check it out.

I'm feeling grateful for our stored water right now. Clearly, I have no desire to have to use it, but it's quite obvious that there are many things that can make you hurting for water, not just something big like a hurricane. Here's hoping I learn my lesson and get on this again after we move. I wouldn't say emergency preparedness is my strong suit.

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The Mrs said...

Nothing like a little emergency to strengthen that suit though.