Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Random Stuff

My goal this afternoon was to iron all the patches for Oliver's NWUs today, but I couldn't find the name tapes. They had come separately from everything else, and apparently we were a little careless when we brought them home because they are nowhere to be found. With our luck, we accidentally threw them away. This wouldn't be the first time something like that happened.

So, I ordered a couple more, then realized later that I'd only ordered two when I needed four. The utilities only need one name tape on the pants, but the NWU uses one on the shirt, too. So, now I'm hoping the missing two show up so I'll have the four I need. If not, at least I have enough for one set, and I'll just have to go back to the website and order another pair. Good thing the NEX does not charge shipping.

In other news, I think the IT department here is going a little ban-happy. We already deal with the problem of having a foreign IP address, something we expected. We can't watch TV shows and things anymore because of licensing issues. That's a pain, but not a huge deal because we don't care much about TV anyway. I could still stream music and do most of the other things we used to do on the web.

Lately, though, it seems every time we get online to do something, we find another non-functional or blocked website. We've started making jokes about how bored they must be in that office to be blocking so many innocuous sites out of the blue. Boredom being a major factor here, which probably accounts for all the drinking we see, I wouldn't be surprised to find out we were right.

One reason to look forward to moving back to the States: an internet connection whose content we control.

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