Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fondue and a Movie


I thought I would show what we had to for dinner tonight in order to prove we don't eat rice and beans every night! We decided to take advantage of the fresh broccoli as well as a few other veggies we happened to have on hand and do a cream cheese fondue. It definitely wasn't Gruyere, sadly, but it was decent.

The other compromise I had to make was bread. Typically, we'd do a crusty artisan bread, but the last minute decision making prevented me from making that. So, I tried my hand at crackers, as the store was closed for the day. The boys pronounced them "delicious", but Oliver thought they were too much like pie crust. I was intrigued by them and thought they were ok, but will definitely be looking for another recipe. On the plus side, they were incredibly easy and very cheap to make; makes me wonder why on earth I've never tried them before. Crackers in the store are rather expensive when you think about what they are made of.

movies and popcorn

After dinner, we made popcorn and let the boys pick out a movie. Here on base, they have three free movies a week. The one on Saturday is always a kids movie (although, they have "This Is It", the Michael Jackson movie, scheduled for later this month; I'm baffled as to who thought that is a kids movie). They sell popcorn for 50 cents, and equally cheap candy. We usually spend about a dollar for treats and go most weeks. The boys really look forward to this.

Tonight, though, there is no movie, so we are doing it ourselves. It's nicer in some ways because Oscar won't sit still for anything that isn't animated. We saw GForce a month or so ago and he lasted about 30min before I had to take him home. Tonight, we can just let him run off steam.

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Mrs. Staff Sergeant: said...

How do you make your cream cheese fondue? I've made a cheddar & swiss cheese/beer fondue for holidays and such for years but have never tried any other variety. I usually love anything with cream cheese in it to begin with too so that would probably be right up my ally :)

Ana said...

That was actually the first time I've tried that. We usually use more exotic cheeses, but can't get them here without a plane trip. Although, they do have goat cheese every so often - too bad I don't like the stuff.

Anyway, it was basically cream cheese, heavy cream to thin it out a bit, basil, chili powder, and salt and pepper, and something else I don't recall right now. Our final verdict was that it was good, but something was a little weird in the mix. Next time, I think we'll be looking for a different recipe, but I liked the cream cheese as a base.

DerrK said...

I whipped out my fondue set that Dave and I got when we were married; it's cracked. Who knows where it was from and I doubt we could exchange it. But way to use what you have. Looks yummy! The boys are growing!