Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, apparently putting compost on top of the soil will help your plants after all. I used some of our basil while making breakfast on Sunday and it was noticeably stronger than the last few times I've harvested it. It was only two days after I used the Bokashi mix, so I was doubly surprised that it took such little time to see a difference. I am curious how the plant is making use of it; maybe some of the nutrients are washing down into the older soil? Curious...

I'm actually in the middle of making another batch of the Bokashi. The first batch has lasted over a month, and there is enough for at least another month still to go. It takes about 6 weeks for it to be ready to use, however, so I'm trying to get a jump start on it.

The worst part of gardening is waiting. Most of my stuff is growing outside the window that sits next to our kitchen table. I often end up sitting there after a meal checking the progress of the plants and willing them to grow faster. I'm so tired of never finding green peppers in the store!

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