Sunday, November 2, 2008

What Genius came up with Daylight Savings Time, anyway?

Obviously, someone who doesn't have kids. After one more night of Oscar and his jack-in-the-box sleep routine, Wyatt pops out of bed at 0515 this morning. Mind you, this is the kid that used to sleep in until 0900 when he was little. After Oscar made his appearance, that moved to something more like 0730, which I could live with. This 0600 routine appeared a few weeks ago. Yeah, I'm not so much a fan of that. Daylight Savings time has managed to make it even worse. The only bright spot in all this was that since I actually have a husband home on the weekends (a seriously odd thing) for awhile, I didn't feel bad pushing him out of the bed to take care of it. I was, after all, the one who'd gotten up with the baby and done early morning duty on Saturday. He got me back, though. What did these two decide to do that early in the morning? Play sports on the Wii, an activity Wyatt cannot do without yelling in excitement. I gave up and joined them after a half hour or so. I think the boys have me beat.

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