Monday, July 26, 2010

So, We Made it Home

I'm slow about updating, but we did make it home on Saturday. I'm still trying to get my bearings, and Sunday was a very quiet day around here as everyone crashed, but things are looking up. I actually managed to do four miles today (only about 2.5 running).

It's been weird, though, getting back to our house and not knowing where everything is. We put stuff away in whatever place we could find so we didn't have to return to a disaster area, but while it looks all right, we no longer remember where a lot of it is. I've also made only a couple of meals in the kitchen, so that was a bit of a novelty on Saturday. I also made bread for the first time here, and was very happy to discover that the oven here has a timer and a digital display. The temperature seems a bit more accurate, too.

Our trip was great, and much needed on many fronts. I'm actually surprised at how many issues were resolved and insights gained, some personal, some related to our marriage, and some related to other people. All of that contributed to my exhaustion at the end, but in a good way.

I do have a couple pics to post of my surviving plants, but don't think I will take the time to do it right now. I have pizza to make. Hopefully, I'll get back to that tonight, though.

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