Monday, July 5, 2010

Crazy, Crazy...

So, no fireworks for us this year. The flights out of AUTEC were very full with people leaving to see some somewhere, but we decided to stay put and not fight the crowd. Instead, we discovered how the 4th is celebrated here. It was a lot of fun. It started with a golf cart parade and a water fight (including a fire truck), and ended with a free meal and my oldest swimming in the ocean wearing jeans because we hadn't realized what we were getting into when we went to watch the parade.

I have some great pics and I want to upload them and edit them and get them on here, but I'm stressed out a little right now. Pictures are low on my to-do list. The chief in charge of housing came over to us and told us the OIC (officer in charge) had given him the go-ahead on us moving to the larger trailer. So, there is a very high chance we're moving. This week. Right before we leave for a vacation that is in itself very last minute because of the leave dates we ended up with. And where does someone find boxes on a quiet island such as this? Very good question. Guess we're going to be raiding the recycling bins. Fun times ahead, people, fun times.

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Not so Molly Mormon After-All said...

You can do day at a time...breathe...and THROW AWAY ANYTHING YOU DON'T NEED! :-)

USNchic said...

Good luck with the move!

There is an award waiting for you on my blog. :)