Friday, July 23, 2010

I Need a Nap

We were supposed to be home right now. However, our return to West Palm Beach after a week in New York has found Tropical Storm Bonnie right between us and home. Surprisingly, the flights have still been going, but we've been bumped because they aren't going out full due to needing to take extra fuel to get through the storm.

If I were thinking a little straight, I would probably be grateful we're not flying on a little twenty seater through a tropical storm - a plane that with the slightest turbulence feels like it's falling out from under you, but I'm just tired right now. Bone weary tired.

Because the only thing worse than reaching the end of your vacation and being unable to get back home is having it start with five insane days of moving your stuff using only eight boxes and a small five passenger KIA. At least we have the money to stay here, as unexpected as it is. We actually splurged on both a Marriott and a Hilton, one of which had marble bathroom floors and an HDTV (thank you AUTEC rates and the ability to sign up online for a free Marriott rewards account that gave us $400 off the going rate for our hotel room).

I sure hope we're going home tomorrow, because there's only one flight to catch on Saturdays, and we have to get up at 0530 to catch it. Which also means checking out of our hotel that early, which means we won't be able to return to the hotel if we can't get on the flight. Ugh. It sucks that you have to show up for your flight whether you are number 24 or not; there's always the chance you will still get on, and they can lower your priority if you just don't show up. No fun.

Time to get some sleep and hope for the best.

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USNchic said...

What a nightmare! I hope you make the flight and have a safe trip home. Good luck girl.

The Wifey said...

I hope you are able to get home tomorrow. Good luck!