Saturday, January 16, 2010

Picking Channels

I went to check our mail today and found a sheet of paper stuffed into our box. When I pulled it out, I realized it was a survey concerning the channels we get. The cable here is free, but not exactly extensive. It's enough for us, as we aren't big TV watchers, but people here will get satellite if they want more. I like that there are no shopping or religious channels to click past, and we do get all the AFN channels, as well as most of the movie channels.

Until I looked at the list, though, I hadn't really realized that we were getting about half the channels we did with the expanded basic we had in Washington. I really only see two, though, that I would even watch, so I think my votes will just go to most of the ones we already have. The surveys have to be in by the 29th, so I'm guessing we'll be seeing a channel change in February depending on what is voted for.

When we moved here, we had talked about just not hooking up cable. However, since it's free, we have it. I'm glad because we can't watch TV shows in the internet here; something to do with the licensing or some such garbage because we live outside the U.S.

I think that good internet will be on the list of things to pay for when we return to the States, but cable will not be. It's amazing how much garbage you are required to pay for when you have it turned on. I wish you could put together your own package of channels to pay for. Then maybe the truly terrible ones would die off, like all the bad TV shows do.

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Wife of a Sailor said...

I feel exactly the same way as you. Just wondering... what does your husband do to get a shore duty in the Bahamas? My DH can only be stationed in Bangor and Kings Bay so we'd love to travel on shore duty... but we DON'T want to do recruiting again!

You can email me at wifeofasailor (at) gmail (dot) com so there isn't too much info on the website.

Anonymous said...

I am with you! I would love ot only pay for the channels that I want. I would get rid of cable altogether, but I have been out voted and so it stays.

Emily said...

The only time we had cable was for 9 months while we lived in an apartment. When we moved to our house, we chose to not get cable...and we've never missed it!