Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally, Pictures!

I kind of feel like we have been through a wringer this week. Unfortunately, I can't blog about it because, well, some things just shouldn't find their way onto the internet. Suffice it to say, though, that we have gotten ourselves into a fine mess. I think we'll have it resolved shortly, which is very good, but very large lesson learned: You can't always trust what people tell you, even if they seem to be making very good sense.

Moving on, I did whip out the camera and start downloading all those pics. Unfortunately, the battery died halfway through, but I found a few good ones to share for now. Remember how I talked about the sunset the other day? Well, I caught this picture a couple nights ago looking out our back door. It was a more muted sunset than the one I referenced, but it was nearly as beautiful.


Additionally, I am pleased to report we've had some gardening success:

the radish

I suspect this lone radish may be the only one that is actually harvested and eaten, as it was a tad on the pithy side and its compatriots aren't growing nearly as well as this one did, but we were all quite excited to have produced something useful. Wyatt was especially thrilled to try something he had helped plant and water. Even if he declared it "disgusting".

Thankfully, the chives, while still a few weeks from being harvestable, are looking a lot healthier. I also have some basil and pepper plants that look very good. I'm almost done filling my first Bokashi bucket, which means I should be only a couple weeks from having compost good enough to set the pepper plants out in. I have a lot of pics and am planning a post on what that process was like, but I want to see the end result first. I am going to call it a qualified success, however. The bucket doesn't stink, despite being almost full of nasty kitchen scraps that I started adding almost two weeks ago. Who knew I would ever be so excited about rotting garbage?

The next problem is finding a way to stake the plants out. I can't exactly haul in a six foot tomato cage, so I'm struggling to come up with some other ideas using stuff we have around here. If anyone has an innovative plant staking idea, I'd love to hear it! Some problems are difficult to solve when you don't have a Home Depot round the corner.

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Wife of a Sailor said...

Yay for starting to harvest. And I love the photos!

Sues2u2 said...

Do you have any bamboo around? It's pretty tough to cut but it would definitely work!

Way to go on the radish. I'm impressed. I haven't even bothered to try anything that ambitious since the dog would dig it up & the cat would probably use it as a litter box; he does everything else!

emilysuze said...

Are you going to do canning while you're there? I'm really wanting to do low-sugar canning and thought you'd be a good one to talk to since our resident canner on the street is moving and doesn't have time to impart her wisdom. There's tons online but I'm always worried about the validity of websites. ;)

Ana said...

Well, if I ever actually grow enough to give it a go, I'd love to, but I've never done it before. I'm with you, though; I'd love to learn how to do it right! I was told what is the best book to get, though, from someone who has done a lot of canning. It's something like "How to Put Things By". I'll see if I can find the exact title and email you it.

The Mrs said...

What a beautiful sunset! THanks for sharing.