Friday, October 23, 2009

So, We Went to the Beach Today

I even remembered to bring my camera. I've forgotten it every other time we've gone. The boys ran for the water, and I pulled  it out. I had just turned it on and was changing the settings when it flashed, "Battery Empty". So much for beach pictures yet again.

I'm actually not a big fan of this new camera. The pictures are not the greatest. We mostly bought it because we can do crazy things like snorkel with it, but I've been spoiled by my lost camera. The last time I checked, it was still being mailed to us via my mother-in-law. Here's hoping it finally gets here. I miss it!

So, back to the beach, sans photos. Our base is fairly small, but the beach is in one corner and our trailer is in the opposite corner. I've run the distance while out jogging, and it took me 25 minutes. Since we had to return the loaner golf cart and are still waiting on our car (more on that in a later post), our only choice was to walk it. So, we put Oscar in a stroller, then let Wyatt ride in the wagon with our beach gear, and we were off.

As it turned out, we didn't have to walk either way. One of the nice things about living here is everyone, whether they know you or not, are quick to offer you assistance. We were picked up by an MP on the way there, then managed to catch the base taxi (which is either a minivan or a three car golf cart and free to ride) right as we were leaving the beach. The walk there didn't bother me much, but I'm really glad the taxi driver was fine with how wet and sandy we were. We were tired, the kids were cranky and ready for dinner, and my swimsuit was soaking through my pants, making it look like I had a little accident. Both embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Despite the challenge of getting there, we have to go back soon; this is the first night Oscar has gone right to sleep since we've been here. He typically spends a good hour bouncing around his crib while Wyatt snores in his bed. He's also the first one up in the morning, even beating Oliver, so I'm not sure what's up with that kid.

Well, despite the lack of beach photos, I do have a few of the day our household goods arrived.

Not only did we have to unload, but we also had to pry the crates open.
They nicely left us a hammer to accomplish this. I left this fun task to Oliver.
Yes, my youngest son has no pants. I apologize, but he's not too into them. I probably created this monster by letting him run around without them this last year because his cloth diapers were too cute to cover.
Plus, I'm a little on the lazy side.

The boys did not want to be left out of all this unloading.

And, finally, a couple shots of our living room after the first four crates were unloaded. We pretty much couldn't move in the place. Luckily, our neighbors coveted the furniture housing had put in our living room, so they hauled the extra couches away for us that afternoon. They also brought in a truck and took the beds we didn't need to the Housing office. I don't think we would have been able to accomplish much that weekend if it hadn't been for that. We did, however, eat in the dining hall until it was all cleared out.

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Sues2u2 said...

Wow. That really shows what a move can be.

Can't wait to see the beach pix. It really sounds amazing there!