Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sleeping in Elko, Nevada

We've made it to Elko, NV. We're trying to make the money stretch, so we're sleeping in a Motel 6. It does have cheap WiFi, though. I was going to add some pics, but the laptop doesn't want to read my card right now and I have no idea where the cord is in the mess that is our car.

We've been to San Jose to see my grandfather. It was a hard visit in some ways because I know I may never see him again, but I'm so glad we went. My grandparents were a touchstone of stability in my college years, and it pains me to say good-bye. My grandmother died a few years ago, and I'm sad she never met my kids. It was incredibly sweet to see my grandfather with them. I wish Oscar had let him pick him up, though.

It's onward to Utah tomorrow. We had to stop about 100 miles short of our goal today, so I don't know how tomorrow is going to shake out. We shall see. We should get to see my brother, though, and Oliver's sister. (Who, if you are reading this, should know we don't have any cell service here or I would have called you by now!)

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Jen said...

i've been following your maddening journey! you're almost there chica!!! :) i'm glad things worked out- reading your story (with babe in arms) helped me keep the faith in my own life lately. thanks- and good luck on the way to the BAHAMAS!!!!!!