Thursday, September 24, 2009

On to Wyoming, and A Bit of a Tragedy

We\re sleeping in Evanston, Wyoming tonight. We spent the last day and a half in Utah. I wish we'd had more time because I was only able to go see half of the people I wanted to. I know a lot more people in that state than I thought I did. So, for all of you I didn't get a chance to see, it wasn't for lack of wanting to.

While we were in Utah, I made the terrible discovery that I'd left my camera behind in the hotel room in Elko. I called them and they said they would send it on to our new home. Hopefully, it gets there just fine. I've heard far too many stories of people swiping electronics out of overseas packages. I'll be upset if I lose the pictures on it. I can't ever replace the ones of my grandfather and his great-grandchildren.

Because we still need a camera for this trip, we stopped and picked out a new one in Provo. We bought a pretty nice one that will enable us to take it underwater up to 33'. It doesn't have some of the features of my old one, but it will be perfect for beach trips and water fights, of which I expect to see much of in Andros Island.

We should be in Denver tomorrow night, hopefully with no more mishaps!

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The Mrs. said...

oh no! I'd be crushed if I lost my camera. Enjoy the rest of your trip and I'm so jealous of all your future beach time... can I come visit : )