Sunday, September 27, 2009

One More Tragedy, and On to..Illinois?

We find ourselves in Illinois tonight. I didn't realize we would travel through part of that state; it seems kind of north of where we should be. Bur, our path crosses the tip of it, and we are traveling south at last.

Yesterday, we took a quick detour through Fort Riley to visit the U.S. Cavalry museum. It was worth the two hours we spent there. That base is huge, and the center of it looks so much like it once did back when it was a frontier post. I am glad, though, that we are Navy. I felt a tad marooned in the middle of the country while there. I will spam you all with pictures at some point, I promise.

While at Fort Riley, we became aware we'd left yet another essential item behind in the hotel we'd stayed at the night before. This time, it was the DVD case with all our kid's movies. Yeah, not a smart move. Thankfully, they had it and we are having it sent on, but that doesn't help us out much right now. So, to Target we went today, and the boys are thrilled to have a bunch of new movies to watch. So, it was kind of a blessing in disguise in some ways.

We are now double checking every place we leave, plus doing an inventory when we repack the car. Obviously, we are are not quite equal to the task of juggling two kids plus a pile of luggage every time we stop for the night. I did know it was inevitable that something would get left behind, I was just hoping it would be things that weren't so expensive or important. I do, however, still have hold of our passports. Losing those would have required a five hour drive backwards.

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sues2u2 said...

We've done that one on @ least two occasions! Loosing all of the dvd's that is. Good thing there's Target.

Sounds like you guys are making the most of this opportunity. Can't wait to see photos.