Monday, January 26, 2009

New Furniture!

Well, right before everyone got sick, our new living room furniture arrived. It was a ridiculously long wait; what we were originally told would be six weeks stretched into four months. I am, however, very happy with the end result. It was no easy feat to find a computer armoire that would hold our TV (which, happily, survived four days on the floor amongst the chaos). We've been married for going on six years now. We started out with pretty much nothing. He had a barracks room's worth of stuff, and I had what would fit into my KIA Spectra. That's it. Our goal was to not go broke making our place fancy, so we've picked things up slowly, most of it after we paid off the last of our debt a few years ago. The living room is the one room that has always driven me crazy. While we have a decent set of couches, this was the centerpiece people saw when they walked in. Today, this is our solution: We also bought this unit to give us a little more storage in the room: It makes me feel grown up to have real furniture in the living room. The hodge podge we had before reminded me too much of my lean college days when the biggest concern was if it was free or not. Here's my question though: is it time to change out the curtains? I'm thinking yes. While I'm glad we went with the burgundy instead of something more traditional, the curtains seem like overkill now (we also have a burgundy and beige rug on the floor, and the couches are beige). The above picture, because of the flash, make them look kind of pink, put that's because there is a bit of a sheen on them that is reflecting the light. They are very close in color to the furniture. I'm thinking chocolate. My goals while Oliver is out to sea are to finish transforming the living room into something a little more put presentable, shed more stuff in preparation for our move this fall, and spend as little money as possible in the process. I always have to have some kind of goal or project when he leaves. It makes the time go by a lot faster, and I like having something to show him when he comes home.

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..::Mrs. Staff Sergeant::.. said...

Your blog is looking mighty nice lady!

Where on earth did you find that entertainment center/armoire thing? We've been searching for something just like that for ages and I cant find one anywhere with doors you can close. (unless you count Pottery Barn where they're asking like, $2500!)

Funny your thinking of switching out the curtains. I was just thinking of changing ours to some that look very similar to yours, lol. I love that burgundy color!

Peggy said...

Chocolate is a wonderful color! You might look at one of the lighter colors in your rug so as not to darken the room too much.