Thursday, February 3, 2011

Check Those Expiration Dates

I'm not entirely sure why, but apparently the store here can sell anything past its expiration date if it wants. Typically, I know I am buying something like that when it goes on sale. This is the only thing that ever goes on sale, so I'm completely out of the habit of waiting for things to go on sale. Mostly, if it's cheap and I'm not planning on using it right away, I steer clear.

This afternoon, Oscar and I went to the store on a mission to pick up some new batteries for a toy walkie talkie that was dying. I was also after milk and a couple other things. When we made it to the check out counter, he asked me for an ice cream out of the cold case next to the counter. It's rare I buy any of the individual ice creams, but since it was warm out, and Oliver was home giving Wyatt his first lesson on how to ride a bike without the training wheels (eesh, that is going to take awhile...), I decided why not and picked up enough for everyone.

Seven bucks later, we returned home with them and our other purchases. When I started opening them for the kids, though, I realized the brownie chunks on top (it was an upside-down sundae) looked a tad old. Flipping over the carton, I read the date: September 2010.

Evidently, not everything old goes on sale. Sometimes, it just sits around until some careless unsuspecting soul walks by and picks it up. I really need to get better about checking dates on everything, not just dairy.

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Anonymous said...

That is how it was in Singapore too. Everything at the NEX was expired. We bought most of our food locally, but it was cheaper to get it at the NEX if they had it. I have eaten so many expired things. It taught me that the dates are merely a suggestion. :)