Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vacation Plans this Summer

We are talking pretty seriously about taking a cruise this summer. We need to get out, as Wyatt is sure to be a little stir crazy with no more school to attend. We also want to take a little more advantage of the area we live in. Plus, we went on a cruise soon after we were married and loved it. That one was only 4 days long, so we are looking at doing one that is at least a week and hits up some of the different island countries around us (the Bahamas not on that list, hopefully).

Hopefully, Oliver's leave dates jive with the cruise company we prefer. We'll see. At least we have a much greater chance of that happening living here.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun, Ana. Hopefully everything will work out so y'all can go. My daughter was around Oscar's age when we went on a Disney cruise & she loved it. Actually both of my kids did. So many things to stop & do & lots to do onboard too. Some of it was even educational!