Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is Anyone Out There Unaware We Have a Military?

Ha, look at that, two posts in one day. In one hour no less. After I wrote my last post, though, I went over to Navy Times to look at the latest newsfeeds. This article caught my attention. Apparently, the Air Force, Army, and National Guard are all quite invested (as in, millions of dollars) in sponsoring NASCAR race teams. Recently, attention has been drawn to this due to the crazy deficits, and all the cutting going on in such things as veterans services and Medicaid. Spending so much on race cars seems a little silly and an easy target.

Except, apparently a majority of congressmen and women in the House didn't agree, and shot down a vote to ban this kind of thing. I guess they agree with Lt. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, who said in defense of these programs, "I have to make some form of investment to make the American people aware of their Army..."

Oh, really. I didn't realize there were actually people out there who didn't know we had an army. This has got to be one of the most pithy excuses for money wasted I've read yet.

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Not so Molly Mormon After-All said...

I love your comments thank you!

I have to weigh in on this, having a husband who has worked in NASCAR for the past 12 years:

While I agree that the money is totally wasted supporting a team for an entire season upwards of some 12 million dollars!!!!! Per car, per team!!!!! YIKES!!!

There seems to be such ignorance as to the importance of the military. Whether it's the Military's futile attempt to gain "Support" for our troops or simply big ego's who like racing and can write the checks...I actually think seeing Armed Forces Logo's, and ads out there do help people remember and realize the hard working dedicated people who are serving to keep our behinds free.

I would much prefer not so much money be spent on advertising in NASCAR, but would somehow love to continue to keep foremost on our minds that precious American's are risking their lives for us.

I personally think the fly over during the National Anthem is a great way to help us remember our it should be advertised for free each week. said...

The money that goes to the NASCAR comes strictly from recruiting funds. The military in general, cannot (by law) advertise except advertising recruitment.

If you look at the demographic of NASCAR fans, they tend to be very patriotic and therefore are going to be more likely to join the military than some other segments of the population.

By having the logos on the cars, it is brand-recognition that is in front of those who are more willing/likely to serve.

Money for a flyover is much more expensive than the advertising. However, again, unless it is a recruiting command, they cannot advertise.

Ana said...

Maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time understanding how seeing the Army logo on a car will inspire someone to serve. Because they picked a winner? Commercials, I totally get, but this? And while I do know it did come from a recruiting budget, I suspect there are still better uses for this money. Or maybe the budget needs adjusting? I dunno; just seems weird to me.

And on that vein, I've yet to be inspired to purchase a single thing I've seen advertised on a sports team. Except maybe Nike, but that sort of makes sense because if a team uses Nike gear, maybe it really is the best. Just slapping your name on something, though, that doesn't do it for me. I also think that joining the services is a much more serious decision than what beer to pick this week, and just seeing it all over the place isn't enough to really get someone to join, nor should they on some kind of whim.

hellomynameissusan said...

But, the point of this, is that it appeals to a totally different range of people (the ads on the cars). My guess is that you don't watch those races & are not very likely to. Yes, the people who do are highly patriotic but those ads truly appeal to them & they do serve as a reminder that you can be anything in the military. Or that is the implication.

On the one hand I love to see those ads (not into nascar but forced to watch when we go to pseudo in-laws) & the other I agree about the waste of money. I wish the money could be spent on family programs. That would be the best thing. Keep the families content & in turn keep the member content, right?

Jenn said...

I don't know...I tend to lean towards what you are saying Ana...even with the money coming out of the recruitment budget, and even with the different "demographic" of people who watch Nascar, I think the money could probably be better used else where! And I think there is a whole lot of the military budget that probably needs to be overviewed and perhaps re-alotted...not just the recruiting budget!!