Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oliver came home with an avocado yesterday. Someone brought some into his office for one of the guys that he works with. The guy was in the States, so the rest of them ended up splitting the bag. They'd been grown here on the island and were fresh-picked. I was so excited when I saw him walk in the door with it. (Tip: when the seed is bouncing around inside, the avocado is ripe - I never knew that before.)

I've never seen such a nice looking avocado before. The ones you find in the States are kind of small and don't have the best color. This one was bright green and about as large as Oliver's hand. I tried to get a decent shot of it:


For dinner tonight, I made guacamole for the first time ever. I am so grateful there was fresh garlic in the store this week! They haven't had any in awhile and it wouldn't have been the same without it. We also had homemade refried black beans and homemade tortillas made with half white, half Spelt flour. Sadly, my swiss chard has been attacked by a caterpillar, and I nearly finished the plant off trying to treat it, so there were no greens to be had. We had some tomatoes, though, so that was okay.

guacamole meal

Spelt is, incidentally, my new favorite grain. I brought some back from the States the last time we were there and am wishing  I could replace all my wheat flour with it. It has a much nicer taste, and results in a softer bread than the white wheat I typically use. I think I'm going to have order a few buckets of it and have them ship it in on the barge.

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USNchic said...

They have those pretty avocados at the commissary in Oceana now, but I'm just so used to the Haas avocados that I haven't tried them yet. I am a guacamole junkie!