Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Enforced Vacation

So, we left for the States on Sunday to do some shopping and remember what life in civilization is like. We were supposed to fly back today. The fact that I'm posting right now should give you a clue that we're still here. And I have no idea when the flights will get slow enough to get us on.

To give you an idea: today, Oliver was number 19 on the list. There are 19 seats on the plane. The rest of us were somewhere around 22-24. I was resigned to being left behind with the kids, but hoping he'd be bumped, too. He's flying on a special liberty pass, not leave, so he kind of has to go back as soon as possible. It's not a big deal if he gets bumped or anything, but he can't ask to be bumped to wait to go with us.

Well, as it turned out, I got my wish. They told him he could get on if he was willing to go without luggage. Um, not happening. Leaving me with two kids plus all the luggage would have been a nightmare. So, they took someone further down who weighed a lot less. She was able to take her suitcase because combined they were under the weight limit. (In case you are confused, basically they weigh both passengers and luggage as they check in. If you fly frequently, like us, they have our weights in the system and reweigh every so often. There is a limit to the weight the plane can carry. It's small, so it's pretty important.)

Tomorrow morning, Oliver is going to go in again because he has to, but he's number 22. It looks somewhat more promising for the afternoon flight, so we are crossing our fingers for that one. At the very least, hopefully Oliver and Wyatt can fly. Then Oscar and I will hang out here another night and try again the next day.

We have made the most of our time, though, eating out at fancy places, going to an awesome splashpark, bowling, and spending way too much money on stuff. I was going to upload a pic or two, but now I need to go buy cough syrup. Oliver has got a very nasty cough, and I think it's going to require intervention. He doesn't like to take meds, so clearly it is not good if he's okay with me getting something.

Laters, people. Enjoy your beds tonight, haha!

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