Monday, September 6, 2010

MMB Post

I haven't been keeping track of the schedule, so I was surprised when I clicked on the site today and found my post up.

Our ability to use the internet at home right now is pretty much nil. Every week, we have less time. We've been going back and forth with the wifi guy, but it seems as if it isn't going to get better. So, we're frustrated and trying to decide what to spend money on this time around. I think an outside antenna is going to be next, but I can't decide which one to buy.

We've even considered getting satellite internet, but apparently there isn't anyone here that can install it, and it's pretty expensive, anyway. I feel very cut off from the world, though, and that is frustrating.

We are actually in the States right now on a shopping trip, which is why I can post. We picked up this very cute netbook that fits into my shoulder bag. It's kind of weird, and the screen is puny, but with an 8hr battery life and the portability of it, I can at least carry it wherever when I leave the house. I consider it a stop-gap measure, but am aware it could be our new normal for the next two years. I'm glad we moved because the house is so much better, but losing internet was not a small tragedy.  

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Angela said...

I loved your honesty in that post! :)