Friday, June 4, 2010

We're Still Laughing

  • Last night Oliver was helping Oscar give the prayer.
                     Oliver: "Please bless my big brother, Wyatt."
                     Oscar: "Please bless Daddy's big brother, Wyatt."

  • During Oliver's birthday celebration this year, Wyatt looked at his dad and said, "Daddy, stand up so we can see how big you are now!"

  • Oscar is always coming up with names for things that baffle me. A few of my favorites:
                     "Hmmmhmmm" - the Scooba, maybe because of the noise it makes when it's running?
                     "Bloody milk" - this is what you get when you add strawberry syrup to milk; I  made a joke about it once and he ran with it.
                     "Liquid Game" - Candyland; yeah, I have no idea at all about this one.
                     "Tinkle Winkle" - is the name of one of his teddy bears. I think this is a mangled version of a silly name we read in a book.

The best part about all of his names is that they aren't because he can't say things correctly. This is a two year old that speaks like a five year old; everyone always does a double-take when he opens his mouth because he speaks clearly and in full sentences. No, he's just very, very creative. Although, when it comes to himself, he's very clear on this: "No, I'm Oscar!" Sometimes, we can get him to accept his last name or even add the middle name in there, but "Sweetie Pie" or even just, "You're so funny!" is completely unacceptable. He's Oscar, and that's all there is to it.

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