Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Hours of Sleep Last Night

Last night started nicely enough. The boys went to bed easily, and Oliver and I spent some time video gaming before we crashed for the night, too. Then, right before I was shutting down my computer for the night, I heard Wyatt start crying. I went in there to find his dinner all over his bed as he looked dazedly at it. Thus commenced a night of puking.

I am not complaining too much, really. My kids are very healthy, and I can count on one hand the number of times they've had a puking sickness. Also, when they puke, it tends to be a one time thing. I've never really experienced the all night, every 30 minutes puking Wyatt went through last night. Because Oliver had work, he ended up sleeping in Wyatt's bed while I crashed in our room with Wyatt to help him through it. At 0430, we finally fell into an exhausted sleep. Then he woke up at 0645 saying he couldn't sleep anymore. Sigh.

All of this did make me very grateful that Oliver was actually home and could handle so much of it. While I haven't had to deal with much sickness overall, most of it happened when he was on duty or out to sea, so this is a really nice change. It's very nice to have your spouse around when things happen. In almost seven years of marriage, this is the first time I've learned I can count on him for things. (Not that this is at all his fault.) I really like it. Although, if he ends up reenlisting, I hope I don't get too used to it...

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Anonymous said...

"In almost seven years of marriage, this is the first time I've learned I can count on him for things."

oh i so know what you mean. and it really isn't a "fault" thing at all. just more of a way of life, or how it is for us.

it's the same thing in our household. when crap happens, my hubby is at sea.

i feel like i've forgot what help feels like. lol
just the other day i had the baby, groceries, mail, and a screaming toddler and I was carrying them all into the house at once. The guy who is working on building my parents something was at the house and asked "do you need any help with that?"
i quite quickly said "oh, no.. i've got it thanks." lmao because i'm SO USED to doing it all on my own all the time. granted, i hardly know this guy anyway.. i'm sure he could have at least carried the groceries had i let him.

Carrie Stuart said...

Can SO relate to this! When Cliff returns from deployment, it usually takes me several weeks to remember I have a partner again...and I crack myself up, because the realization that I'm no longer in this alone brings me to tears every time. And it usually happens when I'm trying to sort out in my mind running all the kids where they need to go for the day and get the errands done...and then like a lightbulb, it dawns on me, "Oh yeah! Cliff can help me!" and then I start to cry because I'm so grateful it's over...until next time, that is! Hope your cutie is feeling better, that you get some sleep, and that it doesn't spread!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! We had a recent round of pukiness from my youngest and my husband was home for it. I spent the night up with my son, but he took the next night and I wasn't sure how to act.
Hope your little guy is feeling better!