Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Move or Not to Move

Well, actually, I think we've already answered this one, but I'm still agonizing over it for some reason. We were offered a double-wide trailer today. We went over to look at it this afternoon, and have all but decided to take it if it works out (we have to wait for final approval). In truth, I'm not sure why I'm worked up about it, but I am. More space is not always better.

Oliver actually wanted to just say no when we were asked, but I wanted to look at it first before I made up my mind. He is not keen on moving, and I don't blame him. It's not going to be a small amount of work, although at least it isn't any real distance. In truth, I had originally decided that if were ever offered something like this that I'd turn it down because of the hassle of moving everything, so I totally get what he's saying.

But then I walked through the other place, and I changed my mind. We're living in a singe-wide right now, and it is enough space. It's tight, and the boys don't really have space to lay out their trains, plus I feel like I am always struggling to fingure out how to fit our stuff in better so it doesn't look cluttered, but it's really ok. The main thing I don't like about it, actually, is that it feels like a trailer because of how it's laid out. When we walked into the double-wide, it felt more like a house. It's also been redone recently, has carpet instead of tile, a master bathroom we can both actually use at the same time, and an oven that is actually modern enough to have a clock and timer on it (seriously, the one we have is awful!). Tough to say no to all that, especially since we live in a place where going nicer is not easy to do for just about everything.

There are still things to think about, though. For me, the biggest drawback is moving away from Wyatt and Oscar's best friends. They are only three houses down from us right now, and that has been really nice. The new place is three streets down, so we will have to make more effort than we do now to get them together. On the plus side, Wyatt starts school on August 16th, so we really have a couple of months before he's seeing his friend a lot more than he does now. Oscar is still happy to do things on his own, and I can always take him to the daycare every so often when he gets antsy. So, it might work out fine. I know we'll miss our impromptu biking sessions down the street, though. And what if we dislike the new neighbors? Sigh.

There's also the question of what the internet will be there. That's actually a pretty big issue. I think we'd rather have a smaller place with decent internet than a bigger one with a poor connection. Yes, we are definitely reliant on the internet in far too many ways. My in-laws don't have it, and every time I visit, I feel like I am operating with a limb cut off. Really, how did we get along without the internet?!

Our boys, though, have no such reservations. They are already asking us when we're going to move; they loved being able to run through it, I think. Way more space for them. When we sat down and asked what they liked, though, Oscar told us it was the "doors" that were great, and Wyatt liked "all the beds". Somehow, I don't think these were actually the reasons they liked it (and possibly they mostly like the idea of change, which goes to show you they are my sons indeed), but at least they are thinking!

It's interesting because back in Washington, we had a similar situation while I was pregnant with Oscar. We could have gotten a larger place in housing, but opted not to because we only had a little less than two years to go there. We also didn't want to get used to a bigger place due to the goal of going overseas. Now, we have a little over two years here, and will be returning to the States when we go back. So, it makes more sense to move.

I don't know why I am so worked up about it. I think part of it is because we just got settled here, and now we are moving again. Even though it's only a few streets, it will change some things about life for us. That's just how it goes. Here's hoping this works out fine and we don't regret it. There's no going back if we do.

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The Mrs. said...

good luck! I'm jealous you'll have a master bath... we are lacking that and now that the boys are getting older {and I'm the only girl} I am really wishing we had one.

Carrie Stuart said...

I understand your dilemma...moving is such a hassle. But I do have to say, since you spend so much time at home when raising a family, your surroundings really do matter a lot. They can impact your outlook...and your children's, too. What about your gardening...will you be able to take any of that with you? Good luck with all of this!

Ana said...

Yeah, the gardening is a bit of an issue. There is space there for it, just not quite as much. That's ok because I haven't even utilized all I could do here and I've gotten pretty creative at making things work. However, moving the plants will be challenging. The toughest one will be my producing tomato plant. I worry it will be damaged irreparably in the move, but I have a plan for it. The pepper plants have a whitefly infestation that got too far before I could get the right soap to treat it, so I may be scrapping those anyway. Everything else should transfer just fine.