Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's Christmas About?

For church today, we decided to focus on Christmas. We decided on this partly because I don't think we are doing a particularly great job teaching the boys what Christmas is actually about. Their quick responses to what it's all about usually focus on the presents. So, for our makeshift Sacrament meeting, we watched the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional since we hadn't watched it last weekend.

When the first congregational hymn was playing, we sang along. I found myself tearing up some while we did so. It felt really good to sing with other members of our faith, even if they were on a computer screen and had done so the week before. I don't feel like we are hurting spiritually by being out here on our own, but I very much miss the ability to be with others that believe the way I do. I never really understood before how good that can feel. I'm so grateful for the internet and all the Church does to reach out to its far-flung members. This would have been so much more difficult without that.

P.S. I will keep you all updated on the compost progress. I'm a few weeks away from being able to actively start a bucket right now, so not much to say for awhile. I'm hoping it will work out; if not, maybe I'll try doing something enclosed if I can find a container that would work.

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Angie said...

I just wanted you to know I'm always cking in....what an adventure you're having! I love the gardening you're trying.......