Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fire Trucks!

We take care of our own lawns here. This is fine with me as I was very tired of the racket the landscaping company made every week in our housing in Washington. I use the term "lawn" loosely, as it is mostly a collection of weeds and clover with nary a blade of actual grass in sight.

In order to take care of this prickly mess of green, housing provides some equipment in a shed at the end of the street. Both a lawn mower and a weed whacker are kept there. I wish we hadn't put our rake in storage as there sadly isn't one to use (or buy) here. I'm a little tired of the coconut pods littering our yard, but it's a pain to pick them all up by hand, especially after the lawnmower has shredded them. I guess we'll just have to learn to ignore them.

In order to get into the shed to borrow the lawn care equipment, we have to go borrow a key. The place we go to borrow the key is actually in the fire station. There is someone there working dispatch 24 hours a day (this is also the person that handles 911 calls for the base), so we can pretty much get the key whenever we want.

A couple days ago, I returned the key for Oliver after he was done using it, as he's quite nicely taken on this job for the most part. Oscar was itching for a ride, so I brought him with me. The firefighters are great with the kids here on base. When I walked up, one of them came right up to Oscar and asked him if he wanted to see the trucks. He was so excited!

fire truck time

Here he is sitting in the driver's seat. Notice the glow from the window? That is a pitfall of living in a place that requires 24 hour air conditioning. The camera lens always fogs up when you first leave the house. I forgot to wipe it off before taking the picture. Sadly, it was the only one I have where he grinned like that, so I'm posting it anyway.

This next one is also not the greatest, but he was on the move, so I took what I could get:

next to fire truck

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emilysuze said...

I just spent some time catching up on your blog. Looks like things are going really well in the Bahamas for you guys! I think it's really neat that you're doing your own gardening and getting sunshine and warmth every day. :)

P.S. This new digi cami is killing me. C is in the shipyard (where they can't even wear the dang thing) but his command is still requiring that all the guys buy it by the end of January. Retarded. And we'll be going back to fastboat life to avoid this whole women on subs. 18 more months!

Peggy said...

Wow! He looks like he's grown so much since we saw you last (was that Sept?).
The sky pics are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.