Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mail Call

No pics today, but when I went to go pick up our mail this morning, I was excited to see five package slips. Looking at them a little closer, I realized several of them said "x2". When Wyatt handed the Second Class Petty Officer behind the counter our slips, she told us she'd meet us around back (which is really the front of the building where you park your car/golf cart). When I herded the boys there, we saw a stack of about nine boxes with our name on them.

Receiving packages is always fun, but here, it takes on a bigger significance. Nearly all of it was stuff we need: a new toaster, seed packets, dried beans, among other things. There was also a Lego Advent calendar I've been anxiously awaiting. We're obviously a little behind, but we'll just keep opening one door a day until we've finished it. I am really glad I was able to find one at a decent price.

The best thing, though, was a package from my in-laws. They had sent us a Christmas present, but also included our missing DVDs and my camera. I'm really happy to have it back!

In other news, they got some Christmas lights in at the store this week, so I grabbed a few boxes when I saw them. We always use white lights on our tree, but I brought home a string of colored lights, too. I'm not one for decorating, but Wyatt has been begging to have something outside our house, so I was happy to oblige him this year. It's a pretty weak little strand of lights wrapped around the top rail of our deck, but it has made two little boys very happy, and that is definitely worth the five bucks I paid for them.

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