Saturday, October 22, 2011

Computer Smart Already

Yesterday, the boys asked me if they could download a program from the LEGO site that allows you to create with virtual LEGO bricks. We used to have it on the computer we replaced, so I said okay. My older son clearly knew what he was doing (he's reading, after all), but I sat down and had a chat with him about how he must always, always ask before downloading anything on the computer. Thus far, he's been a pretty trustworthy kid, so I believed him when he promised to do just that. (We keep the computers in the living room so we can keep an eye on them for situations like this.)

Today, they sat down together, one on each computer, to play. Wyatt asked if he could download the program again because he was on the computer we hadn't put the program on before. I said yes, then went off to take care of something. I walked back in the room to see that Oscar was in the middle of downloading the program on the laptop that already had it.

Apparently, he wanted to play, too, but couldn't figure out how to load the program from the desktop. So, he opened up the browser, found the right page, and started it up himself. At four years old.

On the one hand, I appreciate that our kids are so tech savvy. I believe it will serve them well as they grow. It does, however, remind me that I am going to have a keep a close eye on them. No, they will not be allowed on Facebook for...well, possibly forever.

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