Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Next State...?

I was randomly surfing through some blogs and ran across a post where the woman described a meeting she'd had with someone new. Apparently, he was from New England, which she described as "the next state over from me" (she's from New York). I scratched my head when I read it. Does she not realize that New England refers to six states, and is a regional term?

Sigh. This reminds me of the person I met in college who didn't know where Boston was. Although, I think that was a little worse.

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Dr. Mommy said...

ha! :) i love geographical ignorance. if i had a nickel for each time i told someone i was from idaho and they said, "how do you like the midwest?" i would be rich.

i'm following you- and tracking your illness/evac stuff! you've definitely been in my thoughts! i hope your infection heals quickly and that you're not evacuated! (sheesh! when it rains, it pours, right?)

sues2u2 said...

When I was a nanny in NY I was asked if Utah was a city in Ohio! Um, really?

Ditto on the hoping the infection clears up soon & the no evac. Evac is a nightmare!

(I can't get into my blog so that's why no update. Yes, we're fine & our house survived although pretty much everything across from us is just plain gone. It's wild. Now we're getting flash floods. Sheesh! Stay safe, Ana)