Wednesday, August 24, 2011

C-130 Pic

This is someone else's photo (click on it to see where it came from), but I stumbled across this on the net today. I'll get mine up at some point. I don't know if this was our flight, but it could have been.

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sues2u2 said...

Sweet! The boys probably loved that one!

My hubby talks most unfondly of taking tdy trips in those things back in the day. The potty was a bucket & a shower curtain went around you. He said they'd all tell off anyone who had to do more than pee!

Ana said...

Lol! Yes, that was pretty much the toilet set up. I forgot to mention that. Oscar needed to use the bathroom something fierce right as we landed, but was freaked out about the "bathroom", so he ended up just having an accident. At that point, I didn't really care all that much - we just cleaned him up as soon as we got into the airport. I'm just glad it was only an hour long flight - a longer one would have been tough.

sues2u2 said...

Oh, poor kid! Can't say as I blame him. That would give anyone "performance" anxiety! Yeah, glad for all your sakes it wasn't more than an hour. Hubby also said those puppies aren't the most comfortable rides & that turbulence in them is a killer. Ugh