Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Vacationing With Kids....Or Just Dumping Them With a Sitter?

So, originally we were going to go on a cruise this year. I had hoped for something that hopped a bunch of islands around us. When I went to go price them out, however, I discovered most cruise lines don't run Caribbean cruises during the summer due to the hurricane season.

I certainly can't fault them for that decision, but now we have to come up with something else. I've been digging around, looking at "family friendly" resorts and such. It seems, though, that everything I come up with that's labeled "family friendly" prominently describes its babysitting services and kids' clubs. It's difficult to come up with vacation ideas that assume you are going to actually take the kids along with you.

Call me crazy, but I've always defined "family friendly" as something the entire family could enjoy together. If I really wanted a trip where Oliver and I could just go off and do everything alone, I'd just send the kids to my in-laws where I imagine they would have a better (and much cheaper) time.

Who knows what we're going to do. It might just end up being a park hop in Florida. I suspect we will never reach the end of those. At least I am completely aware that the children can cheerfully tag along with us if we do that.

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Photina said...

We have that problem too. So our family vacations tend to be camping and hiking right now until they are older. But the girls like it for now so we're good. I couldn't imagine leaving the girls with a baby sitter if we bring them with us.

KK said...

We were having the problem....then I found the most amazing resort in Mexico! It's called sea adventure resort. We are going in just a few weeks and I'm sooooo excited! They do have kids clubs which I'm sure L will want to do some times but it's a family place and it's all inclusive!