Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For my birthday this year, my fab hubby let me pick out any ipod I wanted while we were in Florida last week. He actually bought me the MP3 player I've been running with back when Wyatt was a baby. It's been giving me trouble recently, so I've been talking about getting an ipod for awhile. I just couldn't rationalize the expense.

So, I'm thrilled. We picked it up at Patrick Air Force base, which saved us a big chunk of tax money. I am now the proud owner of an ipod touch.

At this point, I'm not really sure who around here is more excited about it. I downloaded some free games and the boys are all over them - the biggest one included. Clearly, this is going to be a fun toy when we are stuck somewhere. I especially look forward to having it around in the airport where free wifi is easy to find. Because you can also go online with it, which is awesome.


We travel so much, this will be fabulous to look up stuff. Like on this last trip where we accidentally left behind the folder with all the addresses and directions for the hotels and places we were planning on going. Oops. Whoever decided free wifi was a must at places like McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts is a genius. Or rather, a serious life saver. We'd gotten a place through Priceline for our first night in West Palm, but it was a place we'd never stayed at before so not only did I not remember the name of it, I didn't know where it was at all. We had to stop at the first place with wifi (McDonald's to get it over with - the boys love it, but not us so much) to figure it out. Our laptop is not exactly small, so it'll be nice not to have to haul it out for stuff like that.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post isn't to brag about my ipod. I'm living in a bit of a music vaccuum. The only radio station we get is out of Nassau, and we can't seem to pick it up inside the house. So, we only listen to it for the fifteen second drives to the beach or the rare trip out of the gate. It mostly plays America music, and you forget it isn't coming from the States until the DJ comes on with his Bahamian accent. Pretty much all music on the web is blocked for us because we live internationally, which is a bummer. Really, unless I'm willing to troll YouTube for random music videos, I am a little out of it when it comes to what's new in the music world these days.

So, what do you listen to? Any great new artists? Any songs I just have to check out? I'm especially looking for good workout music. What I have is really getting old.

P.S. Oliver's birthday is only weeks away from mine, so I told him to pick out a GPS for my present to him. He's wanted one for years, and he was pretty happy with it. As for me, well, I have always been a map girl so I wasn't interested in the whole GPS thing. I think I get now why they are so popular, ha. I don't think we'll ever travel again without it - at least not if we need to drive anywhere.

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emilysuze said...

We both have iPod touches and I think our little man probably uses them more than we do. He's only two, but has figured out the drag bar and knows which apps are the toddler games we've downloaded for him. We're actually contemplating getting one for his birthday next year...oi. :)

What kind of gym music are you looking for? I've got some new favorites but I don't know that you'd love Katy Perry or the new Britney Spears. lol

Emily said...

I won an iPod touch at Quinn's summer work party last year, and it is seriously a coveted item at our house. We all LOVE it!
As for music, I am just as clueless. There's too much noise in the house to listen to anything else, and we only listen to Primary songs in the car when I'm driving... Quinn's really into music, so I'll ask him what's hot right now...