Monday, October 11, 2010

Guess Who Finally Learned to Ride His Trike?

Our brand new three year old, that's who!

Not only that, but he went from barely peddling to going nearly a half mile with only the occasional push when he slowed down too much. I'm very thrilled; it wasn't much fun trying to push him around on this sucker. I totally get why people buy those dorky looking trikes with the handle on the back. Clearly, looks are not everything!

I love, love how empty the streets are here. I was able to let Oscar tool down the middle of the road pretty much the entire time he was riding. Every so often we'd have to move over for a golf cart or slow-moving car, but it wasn't often. I did keep him off the road that leads right off-base; it's the busiest one, and the only one that actually looks like it's made for cars not pedestrians. That one has a really wide sidewalk, so it worked out okay for him.

Also, just thought I'd throw up the Lightning McQueen cake Oliver and I came together on. We are pretty proud of it. He did the carving, I did most of the decorating (due to him getting called into work), and Oscar absolutely loved it.


It did look a little freaky after we cut into it:


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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Oscar! Now you'll never keep up w/ him!

You guys did an awesome job on the cake. It is so cute although gotta agree w/ you assessment of the cut cake. Those eyes though. They're something else.

Peggy said...

Happy birthday buddy! What a great cake. However, I do have to agree with the freaky cut cake comment. :)
How nice to have level (& empty) streets for bike riding. My boys would be in heaven.