Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Of Fresh Fish and Blogging

I spent some time uploading pics tonight. I had a couple gig worth on my camera, and a bunch of posts I wrote in my head, but never got around to typing out here. Part of this is because I was recently invited to contribute to another site. I haven't yet been able to figure out when my first post is scheduled for, but you can now occasionally find me here, at Mormon Mommy Blogs. I started reading MMB a few months ago, and it's been a great place to read things of a spiritual nature now that I have no ward to attend. When they sent out an email asking for more contributors, I volunteered, and am thrilled to have been chosen. I'll link back to my first post when I see it.

Anyway, I decided to just pull one of my latent pics out and make a post about it tonight. Hopefully, I will eventually get around to catching up. If not, well, it just means more interesting things are going on.

The pic below is of part of the bag of Mahi-Mahi Oliver's Lt. so nicely gave us. He'd gone fishing that day, and come home with quite a lot of it apparently. (So, I just thought I'd throw this out there: Mahi-Mahi is actually dolphin meat. I really never knew this before now. "Fresh Dolphin" on the menu does seem like an appetite killer.) I ended up sharing part of it with our neighbors as I am really the only one who will happily eat fish, but there was still enough for me to make a couple meals. To prove how fabulous it was, I even got Oliver to admit it wasn't bad because there was none of that "fishy" flavor so common to fish long out of the water.

fishie fishie

Hopefully, I will be able to find a fresh coconut next. That would pretty much make my day.

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Mrs. 2nd Lieutenant said...

just to make you feel better, its dolphin fish, not dolphin the cute mammal :)

and it is oh so yummy!

Ana said...

LOL! I'm not too worried about it either way, but good to know. Now I won't look completely stupid the next time I have a conversation with someone about this.

KK said...

I wanted to add to the first comment. lol since I freaked when I read this post. I had to look it up.

found that link.