Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh, Yogurt! Oh, Yogurt! Wherefore Art Thou, Yogurt?

I went to the store yesterday and was so excited to find this in the cooler:


I brought it up to the checkout stand only to have the woman tell me it hadn't been put into the computer yet, so she couldn't sell it to me. She told me to come back tomorrow when it would be ready. So, Oliver went in today to buy a couple tubs for me, and there were none left.

I'm so frustrated about this! It's rare that I find something like this that is what I was once used to buying in the States. Yogurt has been especially hard because almost all of it is made with high-fructose corn syrup, something we don't eat. I also refuse to eat the nonfat kind as it is way too thin for my taste. The only things I've seen here were either nonfat or the flavored kind with corn syrup. So, no yogurt for us.

I used to use yogurt a lot. Not so much for eating, but I kept a tub of the whole milk plain stuff from Stoneyfield on hand to use in pancakes and other things. I'd buy this vanilla kind because it was one of the few Wyatt and I will eat (although sometimes I'd pick up some more exotically flavored varieties sans corn syrup for Oliver). I was hoping to use this as not only something to eat, but a starter to make my own plain yogurt.

It appears, however, that I'm going to have to order some starter and go from there. I've been resisting that because the stuff is so expensive, but desperate times call for desperate measures. And next time something like this happens, I'll wave some money in her face and beg her to just let me take it home. You just can't let stuff like this out of your sight here!

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Carrie Stuart said...

Ugh!!! Was the woman there when you came back in...and did you give her the stink eye? I would be so ticked! Hope you get your very own yogurt miracle and they get some more in for you. =^)

Maia said...

It's amazing how finds like this make your day when you are away from shopping-the-way-you-are-used-to! My moment was finding Bob's Red Mill Flax Seed tucked on a shelf between unrelated things. I, too, have had trouble finding corn-syrup-free yogurt.