Monday, March 22, 2010

Belly Casts? I Don't Get It

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I was bored and linking around to random blogs when I came across a horrifying (at least to me; I seriously had my stomach flip over when I saw this) post about someone's belly cast. I've never seen one of these before, and I'm still wishing I'd passed on this one. Is this some new trend or something, or have I just managed to miss hearing about it?

There are a lot of things I kept from my first pregnancy, like the book full of random stats like my fundal height that I know Wyatt will never care about. I even hung onto his cord when it fell off to horrify Oliver when he came home, but we promptly tossed it afterward. Granted, a belly cast isn't in the realm of disgusting like a dried up cord or eaten placenta (wow, not even going there...), but it's still pretty freaky.

I can understand taking pics of your growing belly. I didn't do much of that, but it was more because it didn't occur to me than anything else. I actually told Oliver near the end of my pregnancy with Oscar that I wanted a final shot of me before he came out. Later that night, my water broke and we didn't think of it again until it was too late. I do think it's a tad strange to see people updating on their blogs every week what their belly looks like, but I also wasn't a glowing pregnant type, so I don't want those pics in the public view, haha.

What, though, do you do with a belly cast? You can't exactly frame it, so do you put it on a pedestal like a dress form? Tuck it in the closet behind your clothes with all the other random stuff you want to keep like your childhood doll collection, yet have no room to display? Do you decorate the nursery with it? Do you use it to feel good about yourself when you lose the weight? Do you think your kid might want it when he's grown?

I don't know, I think I missed the train on this one. And I'm not sad about that. I'd love a pic of my mother pregnant with me, just to see how my own pregnancies compared. I would not love to have a belly cast of her. It's too weird. I did love being able to be pregnant, and the outcome was certainly fantastic, but I wasn't one to enjoy the experience nearly as much as others, so maybe that is why I can't understand this. If anyone has some insight, I'd love to hear it.

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Mrs. 2nd Lieutenant said...

they are actually pretty popular now. its a memory thing, i think, esp in this day and age where most people only have 1 or 2 kids. i've seen people decorate them so they aren't plain white.

i loved having preggo pics done, but i couldn't get into a belly cast because i didn't know what the heck i was supposed to do with it - hang it on my wall? little weird for me :)

plus, i would like to be pregnant many, many times, so i won't need a reminder :-p

USNchic said...

This is so funny because I'm going to help a friend make one this weekend. I personally don't get it either. I'm glad to help my friend, but it is not something I would want. I took belly pictures every couple months while I was pregnant, and that was enough for me......not to mention, pictures take up a whole lot less space!

Keri said...

Those have been around for ages now! I'm with you- I don't get it at all. What on earth do you do with it afterwards?!

The Mrs. said...

i dont get it. And i dont want to see how saggy my boobs were.. cripes I dont need a reminder for that now do I?

Anonymous said...

lol. i'm so a belly cast mom. I've done one for all 3 babies.

I hang them in the kids room, and i'm sure as they get older they won't want it in there any more. but i love having the reminder of just HOW tiny they were. i enjoyed being pregnant so much, i like having the reminders.
My first kept his tiny feet GLUED to my ribs, so I put his little foot prints in that same spot in the inside of the belly cast.

It's just something fun to do.

Anonymous said...

Put me in the "no, thank you" column. I do have a couple of pictures of my belly, but that is enough for me.