Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I don't think I will ever get used to going outside to warm up. Every time I walk outdoors, I am surprised at the temperature difference. I realized today that Thanksgiving is next week. That only compounds the weirdness.

Winter is definitely perfect around here, though. It's not blazing hot, and just about everything feels comfortable, whether we are playing at the beach or watching a softball game. If the humidity weren't so high, I probably wouldn't use the air conditioner at all. However, mold can be a big problem around here, so I think we will keep it running.

Thursday the boys and I are going to tag along on a trip to the Mennonite farm up in the North of Andros. Apparently, it's possibly the only place to get fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables on the island. I'm a tad tired of the imported stuff; it's never that great by the time it gets here, and then it sits until it rots (literally; I've seen black ears of corn piled in their bin before).

I'm also excited to see more of the island. This being the first time I've really had to navigate around a foreign country, I feel apprehensive about driving. The road signs are different, and the road system is not all nicely mapped laid out like it is in the States.

Also, they drive on the left side of the road. Although, I've only seen a handful of cars made like that, so this is a little amusing. We drive on the left on base, too, so I've had a chance to get used to it. It's hard, though, when you drive up to an unfamiliar intersection or are pulling out of a parking lot. I always have to think hard about which lane I need to be pulling into and where my car needs to be to not block other cars. Also, who has the right of way when a right hand turn is now like a left hand turn in the States. I have found myself more than once pulling into a road and automatically driving on the wrong side. Good thing traffic is nil around here. Hopefully, I don't have the same problem in reverse the next time we are in the States. That would probably not turn out as well.

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Wife of a Sailor said...

The driving would be tough for me to get used to as well. As for nice weather... I'd love to go through a winter that doesn't leave my feet feeling like icicles (Michigan winters are horrible!).

Good luck on getting good fruit!

Sues2u2 said...

The farm sounds heavenly! I understand completely about the road signs; in England the base Hubby was stationed @ wasn't on the road maps although you would find a sign once you were right on top of it. We were told that it had to do w/ world war II & being invaded.

I've never driven a right hand drive car on the left so I can't help you w/ that but I will say that I was extra careful whenever we were somewhere that right side driving was the norm. I have no doubt that you'll do great!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That whole driving on the other side of the road gives me the shivers. I am certain I would mess it up!

I bet your skin is loving all the humidity... I've noticed a huge difference simply between New York and New Mexico. The air is incredibly dry in NM so this NY air has been a wonderful break.