Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Beach at Night

On a whim, we decided to hit up the beach tonight after dinner. Ever since daylight savings hit, sunset has been around 1730, so it was nearly dark when we left. I didn't bother with pictures because my camera can't handle that sort of photo, sadly, but it was beautiful. The tide was very low, so the sand was swept clean of most of the usual seaweed tracks. The wind was just high enough to keep the nasty biting flies away (definitely the one awful thing about the beach here), and, as usual, we were the only people in sight.

We had let the boys bring flashlights, so they ran around flashing them around at things. Wyatt was playing pirate for awhile, then that morphed into kitty digging in the sand. Needless to say, he was completely coated in sand by the time we were done there. He was having a lot of fun, though. Both Oliver and Oscar were ready to leave long before we were, so next time I think I'll just bring him and we can spend however much time we want out there.

I have a feeling our car is going to be perpetually coated in sand while we live here. Never that fastidious of a car cleaner, with the exception of making sure there is no "stuff" in it, I have pretty much given up the idea of a daily vacuum. It's just part of the landscape here. The only time you aren't walking in it is when you are up on the sidewalk or inside a building. It's the cost of living on a tropical island. I think I can live with that.

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Peggy said...

Um, yeah! Tough life! :)