Monday, July 14, 2008

More Army Wives Laughs

Ok, I can't believe I'm still talking about this show, but I am. Since I'm still watching it, there may be more to come, too, so be warned! Now that my hubbie is home, there are no more tears, even on duty nights, I promise. Anyway, I watched last week's episode tonight. A soldier's remains are found in Vietnam, and they discover he has no family who will be attending his memorial service. So, what does Col. Holden's wife do? She "mobilizes the FRG". I think I actually laughed out loud at this. Next thing you know, they have managed to get a hold of old VA records or something and found his former best friend, and have arranged for flowers, etc. for the service. Before I saw more, I should say I think the FRG often provides a fantastic way to meet other spouses and be more involved in the command. I appreciate that there are women who volunteer to do this (and men; we are subforce, so nary a male spouse around). That said, the FRG (at least in the Navy) is a group of spouses who volunteer to arrange social gatherings, give presents to new babies (we got a bear for Wyatt and a onesie with the boat's name on it for Oscar), and sometimes arrange meals or other things for spouses in need. They don't hunt down MIA soldiers' best friends and arrange fantastic memorial services. At least, not in my world. Maybe the Army is different? P.S. How on earth do these women find babysitters so they can attend everything that happens on base? I need to discover their secret.

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trying said...

I was thinking the same thing about the babysitters! How in the world do they afford to have so much free time!?

If you figure out the secret please please let me know.