Monday, June 13, 2011

Internet, Welcome Back!

We got the internet back today, and I am so happy. Last Wednesday, someone somehow cut power to the wifi tower on our street. It took us a couple days to finally figure out who the right person was to call, and by the time it was actually looked into, it was Friday afternoon. Nothing happens here over the weekend. Nothing.

So, we had to wait out the weekend, then see how long it would be until it was repaired this week. Happily, it only took until this afternoon. Ironically, I was walking back from dragging both kids and our laptop to the playground so I could take care of some pressing business when I spied them finishing up the repair. Ah, well, it did get 'em out of the house (sometimes a huge feat - between the massive biting flies, the heat, and bright sun, they won't go out unless they have friends, we are entertaining them out there, there's running water involved, or we give them no option - or bribery; that sometimes works).

The net is my contact with the outside world. A few days of no internet has all of us pacing around this place. Luckily, I got a new book in the mail a few days before the net went out, so I had something to do when I'd otherwise be online. I am very sure, though, that we'll be ditching the cable when we move back to the States. There really is nothing on. I'm so glad I don't pay for it here.

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Jenn said...

I agree...cable is not worth the the cost. They have a super basic ( free) cable option that only gives us like the 4 major nextworks and a few cable channels ( like the gameshow network!) and that's what we have...but to be frank we almost never watch TV. Movies are kind of our thing...and with the kids its the same movies over and over! I'm glad for it though. When we move off base I don't think we will get cable either. Life is just a lot more simpler with out it...and we're like you. We use the internet to figure out whats going on in the world. What we miss on the net wasn't that important anyway :)