Monday, August 2, 2010

Car Trouble

Oliver got up this morning to a dead battery. At least, that is what we hope it is. Although, no matter what it is, we aren't sure how to remedy it. We're going to try to find someone with an actual car versus golf cart and get a jump, but if we keep having the problem, we'll have to replace the battery. You know, on an island that doesn't sell car batteries, with a plane that doesn't allow it onboard, and nowhere online that will ship one here. Ugh. Obviously, there must be a solution as people do have cars here, both on base and off so we will hopefully be able to figure this out soon enough.

I am less than thrilled, however. Having something go wrong with the car has been the thing I've dreaded most. Neither Oliver or I are handy with cars. I kind of freak out when it doesn't do what I want, while he calmly studies it and sometimes can figure it out. Definitely leaving this one to him. Good thing we moved right behind the store and a block from the school. We barely need it - except it's a 20 minute walk to work for Oliver. He can get by fine, especially when the free taxi service is running, but he got called in to work tonight and he's going to have a crappy walk home at 0200.

Ah, the challenges of island life!

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Emily said...

It could also be the alternator. The only way to know that though, is to either find someone who knows, or jump the battery and see if it holds a charge for 10 minutes to 2 days. If it dies again, then it's the alternator, not a battery. Maybe you can get an alternator easier than a battery?