Monday, October 27, 2008

Yahoo vs. Gmail

I am downright curious if any of you have used both these email applications and prefer Gmail. I have always used Yahoo. Gmail came out later, and I saw no reason to switch. However, our FRG email is all sent from a Gmail account. I've had to spend some serious time there the last few weeks, and I pretty much hate it. What a confusing mess! The way the inbox is set up, you can't readily tell if mail has been replied to or not. Since we have several people taking care of email, this is not a good thing. It seems to string replies together in the original message, and you have to actually open it up, read it all, and try to figure out who was the last person to send something. The first time I got in there, I ended up sending some replies to people with no real idea of if it was a redundant reply or not. I also see no good way of organizing the mess that is our email. Yahoo allows you to make folders, sort of what you find in Windows. They are clearly laid out on the left hand side, and it's easy to move mail back and forth. I dug through Gmail for quite some time trying to figure out how to do something like that in there, and finally gave up. Being able to categorize the email we have would have really been handy. And don't get me started on the weird things that happen when you hit the Tab key. Bottom line, nothing works the same in Gmail, and that's not a good thing. Blogger is a pretty straightforward program, so I expected Gmail would be simple to figure out, too, but apparently that isn't the case. I so wish we could change our email address, but the business cards are already printed. I can tell dealing with email is going to be my biggest headache.

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Anonymous said...

it was a little confusing the first couple of days but I will never go back to anything else. You never have to delete any e-mails - you can just put tags on them (kind of like filing things) and then just archive them. Then you can search mail. Lets say that 1 of your tags is FRG Fundraising. You tag an e-mail with that and archive it then when you want to find that e-mail you search FRG Fundraising and all of the e-mails with that tag come up. Just like a file. That is probably really confusing - if you want you can call me or come over and I can show you how I do it.
Good luck

Ang said...

I love my yahoo! I have a few addresses for different reasons---personal, freecycle far its worked for me. I don't see myself switching to gmail anytime soon----

Derr said...

I'm with Tricia. Love gmail. And you can make folders, they are called labels and they do sit on the left side of your screen. It did take a few days to get used to it, but it was worth it to me.

sues2u2 said...

I have both (& a few others besides!) but I have to admit that I prefer Yahoo! It does sound like you're using the beta version. Check & see if you can switch back to the original one. That might help. That being said, I find gmail a mess too, although they are better @ the stopping spam than yahoo.

Emily said...

Ooh, I actually love my gmail more than my yahoo or hotmail accounts. It was confusing at first, but looking up old emails is really, really nice. And, once you get used to the way it works, it's quite easy. Try the original version if you can get it back, then switch back to beta if you get the hang of it.