Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Conch Salad and Other Yummy Stuff

A few weeks back, the base hosted a fish fry at the Beach House. They had people from the local community come in and set up booths to sell authentic Bahamian fare. It was the same night as the school's open house, so we went a little late. Oliver is not a seafood eater, so he wasn't too excited about it, but he is a good sport and knew I wanted me some conch salad.

Unfortunately, all the lobster was gone when we got there, but the conch salad booth was happening. There was another one selling fried fish, conch fritters, and some side dishes. I stood in the conch salad line, which wasn't moving too fast. Oliver noticed that and offered to stand in the fish fry one.

 conch salad booth

They make the salad fresh, including shelling the conch and chopping all the veggies, so it takes a bit of time. There were only two people making it, and I had moved just a step or two ahead by the time Oliver had waited in his line (which was about the same length when we both got in them) and bought a fish dinner.


The fish dinner included a couple standard sides. Under the fish is rice and peas, which can be pretty good depending on how it is made. This particular one was a little on the bland side, but it was all right.

The stuff in the top right is actually macaroni and cheese. I'm not particularly fond of the Bahamian version. It's basically layered pasta (something like ziti) and cheese, baked into a lasagna-like form. The boys will eat it, but Oliver and I typically skip it.

Not seen here since I took this picture at home (after half the fish was gone, too) is the potato salad. We finished that off while waiting for the conch salad to be done. I'm not usually a fan of potato salad outside of my own, so I was pleasantly surprised to find this one to be really good. As was the fish, although I am really not sure what kind it was.

Finally, take a look at this crazy kid:

I am thrilled to announce I finally have a family member who likes seafood. Oscar shared the fish with me, and also dove into the conch salad. You can get it with hot pepper or without, and I like it with, so I got it hot. The pepper ends up mostly in the lime and orange juices that sit in the bowl, so I was giving him the top part of the salad which wasn't hot at all.

After we got home, though, I put it down on the table and left it for a minute to take care of something. What does he do? Sit right down and start scooping it up. And not from the top, but right into the juice. I could tell he wasn't too thrilled with the heat of it, but he kept eating it for awhile. I am very excited to finally have a child who will eat this kind of stuff with me.

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