Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Careful With the Eggs

When we finally returned home, we discovered Tropical Storm Bonnie had not only delayed our return, it had also prevented the supply barge from getting here on time. So, there were no eggs in the store, along with a few other things. I cracked open our powdered eggs (definitely not high on my list of yummy things to eat, but bearable in baked goods or pancakes) and made do, but was very happy to find out it had arrived Monday.

So, this afternoon, I headed to the store to buy us a couple dozen eggs. When I looked at the bins they are kept in, I thought for a minute that something else had been put there. Our eggs are always in yellow, Styrofoam egg cartons. This is how they were packaged this week:

The woman at the register told me there was a mishap and they won't be like this again, but I am baffled as to what happened that lead them to be packaged in strips of egg cartons (it looks like a carton with its top removed, but it is actually cut in half lengthwise making it incredibly precarious to carry) and tied inside produce bags. She advised me to put them in a bowl when I got home.

Ah, what stories we will have to tell to our grandchildren someday!

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Carrie Stuart said...

Wow, that is funny! I wonder what the mishap could have been?

Emily Snow said...

OK, that egg mishap is odd...

I wanted to respond to your comment about my husband's home leave...

1) yes, actually it is hard to fill his particular assignment that he just completed.

2) but, for all overseas assignments his agency gives a certain amount of "home leave" after it is completed. He gets so much time for every month worked overseas. i know some agencies let you take some of it even while you are still overseas and working in the job, but his agency won't let you do that. you get to take it after the assignment is completed and have up to a year to take it all, but he's heard of too many people losing the time off once they are back in the office, so he just went ahead and took the whole eight weeks. it has been awesome! the last few months were really stressful so I am thankful for the downtime.